Adventist active-duty military personnel are eligible to receive a free devotional book, courtesy of the National Service Organization and Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries. Single service members, as well as other employee categories may choose one free devotional. Married service members may choose two devotional books. You may order these online in your personal profile here at 

Who Is Eligible?

To be eligible for NSO-sponsored complimentary devotional books, you must be a Seventh-day Adventist Church member in an Adventist church in the North American Division and in one of the following military-related categories:
•  All North American Division members who are active-duty military stationed overseas for a year or longer
•  DoD civilian employee of the military services stationed overseas
•  DoDEA teacher or principal stationed overseas
•  Military exchanges (AAFES, NEX, etc.) worker overseas
•  Government contractor overseas
•  Spouse living overseas with their non-Adventist military spouse

How Do I Create a Personal Profile?
On this website:
1.  Click on the New Member? Sign Up Here link at the top of this web page.
2.  Once you open your profile, click on the Resources tab and select the devotional book/s of your choice.

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For God And Country Magazine

A magazine dedicated to Adventists in Uniform published by Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries. Available from our World Service Organization website (Opens in a new browser tab).

Moments with God

Moments With God

Adult Devotional

Life is busy. It’s hard to find a moment to ourselves, a moment to think, to pray, and to connect with God. Yet the busier we are, the more we need that moment when we can take a breath and remember that we are not in this world alone.

Unlike your typical devotional, with a reading for each day of the year, Moments with God is timeless. You can read one page each day or use the index to find a topic that speaks to your life at that moment. Over and over, you will find words of comfort to share with friends or loved ones who may be facing a crisis.
Moments with God overflows with encouragement and inspiration. On each page, you will find a message of hope and love that will lift your heart toward heaven.

The Faith I Live By

The Faith I Live By

by Ellen White

Adult Devotional

The Faith I Live By is an inspiring and instructive devotional dedicated to covering the principal doctrines of the Christian faith, all of which are centered on the work of redemption
through the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Anchored by the surety of God’s Word, you will find within these pages the beautiful truths of the Bible and the works of God, the Divine remedy for sin, the sanctuary of God, and how to face the final test. The gospel will triumph in the end! As Ellen White wrote,

“The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. The weakest saint, as well as the strongest, may wear the crown of immortal glory. All may win who, through the power of divine grace, bring their lives into conformity to the will of Christ.”
–The Faith I Live By, p. 369

May we never forget that the Word of God is light and truth. It is able to guide every step of the way to the city of God.

Love You More

Love You More
By Carolyn Rathbun Sutton, editor
Women’s Devotional

“Love you more,” is often our response when someone says, “I love you.” It’s another way of saying “I love you more than you can imagine.”Have you ever wondered if that’s how God feels about us?
Thousands of years ago God put it in writing,
so to speak, when He gave Jeremiah these words,

Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you.” (Jeremiah 31:3, NKJV).

Oh, if we could fully grasp the extent of His love for us! Once we look for it we’ll see it everywhere. As you read through these stories you will be captivated anew by the God who says, “I love you more!”

Life After Eden

Life After Eden
by Heather Thompson Day and Seth Michael Day
Young Adult Devotional

Sin devoured a once-perfect Eden and the light that God originally spoke into existence has grown dimmer ever since. In the aftermath we, who were once robed in the glory of God, are left naked.

It’s dark and it’s cold; we fumble around seeking warmth and light. Botox? Alcohol? Anxiety and depression medication? Surely one of these will brighten our days.

God’s first command was let there be light. His first call to action was to create a light that would literally make darkness hide.
God spoke light, and darkness ran.

Satan has worked tirelessly to attack those very first words God spoke on this planet and to cover this world in darkness.
But God is not a liar. What He speaks will be done.
He gives the command, “Let there be light,” and so there is.

Despite our nakedness, there is one truth we must hold on to until the midnight hour when Jesus returns. The echo of God’s voice in Eden can still be heard today. In the midst of darkness, “Let there be light!” He is still with us and He calls each one to literally be His light to a fallen world. As you read these devotions, it is the authors’ prayer that you will stand firm in the beams of heaven’s light; that you will find purpose and meaning in Life After Eden.

Time Out

Time Out!
By Steve Case
Teen Devotional

He’s been down the highway of life, and he can help you
maneuver around the potholes.
This book is full of concrete, doable suggestions for making God real; for new ways of looking at spiritual things—
how to crash without burning for the failure prone, how to toughen up spiritually, how to deal with put-downs, how to forgive.

Don’t miss the really powerful recipe for making new friends.
“I guarantee,” Steve writes, “you can have more friends than you know what to do with if you just follow the four steps I’m about to share with you.”

Along the way you will tackle some perplexing questions, such as:
Why pray when God already knows what we need?
Does God have a blueprint for your life?
How can you know you’re saved?

“We are God’s poetry,” the author concludes.
These devotionals will help to bring your life back into rhyme.

Passport to Adventure

Passport to Adventure
By Rich Aguilera
Junior Devotional
Learn about God’s faithfulness in tough times;
the importance of finding time every day to retreat to
a quiet place to spend time with God;
being a witness to others by the way you live as an imitator of Christ;
and most important, “Remember Calvary!”

Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we can remember that God has already won the battle for us, and if we stay close to Him, we will be on the winning side!

Heroes in Training

Heroes in Training

by Vicki Redden

Primary  Devotional

Who is your hero? I don’t mean a cartoon character with X-ray vision.
I mean a real, live person. Whom do you admire?
Well, how would you like to be a hero like that when you grow up?

OK, let’s start right now! With this book. Invite Vicki Redden into your home,
and she’ll tell you 12 things that will make you a hero for God.
You’ll read about heroes from Bible times to modern times.
You’ll meet all kinds of heroes:
boys, girls, cats, dogs, horses-even a pig named Priscilla.

And with each fundelicious story you’ll discover something
God wants you to learn from His heroes.

By the time we’re finished, you’ll know just what it takes to be God’s special agent.
So, put on your cape. And get ready to become a hero for God!

Love Letters

Love Letters From Jesus

by RosAnne C. Tetz
Preschool Devotional


This is one of a series of interactive devotional books which will help you engage your preschooler in activities designed to reinforce the concept taught in the short devotional reading. Each book in the series features delightful, full-color art on every spread.

One Brick at a time. That’s how to build a cathedral. But where to find the bricks? This book is full of character bricks, in the form of 180 devotional readings for preschoolers.

Each short reading is crafted for maximum impact using simple object lessons. Your child will never forget your happy times together
because they will not merely hear the lessons,
but act them, touch them, chew them, pray them, smell them, squish them, laugh them, fell them, color them, bake them, jingle them, draw, and animate them.

By engaging the imagination, the seed of truth is planted deep, where it can snuggle down into the heart. Covering the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist church, these readings provide a firm foundation on which to build a destiny. One brick at a time.

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